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"Dreaming Sally" is a true story of first love, sudden death and synchronicity set against the countercultural turmoil of the 1960s. The book is the third and last in a thematic trilogy of creative non-fiction.

By 1968, the fabled Summer of Love has fragmented into global violence and despair – the murders of King and Kennedy, My Lai, Paris, Prague, Chicago.

The personal is political. Consumed by his passion for Sally Wodehouse, his teenaged sweetheart, 21 year old George Orr awakens one morning from a compelling dream impossible to ignore: 

Sally will die while traveling through Europe this summer, and I am powerless to stop it.  

On August 13, 1968, when the catastrophe unfolds exactly as foretold, George is cast like Orpheus into the Underworld, and whether he will return from the dark grip of the uncanny, no one can predict.  

When the dream came
I held my breath
with my eyes closed.
I went insane,
like a smoke ring day
when the wind blows.
Now I won't be back
till later on
if I do come back at all.

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD, On the Way Home, 1968
(Reprinted by permission of Hal Leonard Music)

Published by Penguin Random House Canada, 
August 28, 2018.


Promotional video of 1968 "European Odyssey" (32 minutes)


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Journalist and Author
Toronto, Canada